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We like to make beautiful landing pages with a purpose.
Not only do we design landing pages to look aesthetically pleasing, we make it functional as well. Based on a the goals of our clients, we personalize the look and functions of the web page funnel. We make things simple so that your web page visitors will have zero problems finding what they came for.
Web funnel design comes with
Responsive Design
The site will be created so that the site is clean, and can also be interacted with.
Website Maintenance
Content updates to the site will be consistently made as per the client's request.
Search Engine Optimization
Using keyword research, we will make your web funnel page easy to find on search engines.
Conversion Goals
There will be more than one technique used to turn a website visitor into a customer.
Email Integration
Automated thank you email responses will be sent out once a visitor has opted-in.
Custom Domain
Clients will receive a custom domain fitting for their service/product optimized with keywords.
Additional features to consider
E-Commerce Setup
Clients may choose to sell a product or service on the web funnel page.
Video Animation
Compliment your web funnel page with an engaging video animation to welcome visitors.
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Send more traffic to your web funnel page using 
pay-per-click ads.
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